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Industry: Adaptive reuse

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KMO Office Building in Tulsa, Oklahoma

KMO Office Building
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Situation

KMO Development Group’s rapid growth required larger office space as a hub for our company’s wide breadth of turnkey services. Our goal was to develop a cost effective building while making a civic statement within our own community.

The Solution

After studying several new-build options, KMO Development Group made the decision to prove its commitment to the development of downtown Tulsa by seeking a redevelopment opportunity with Tulsa Central Business District. Locating a vacant, 21,000-square-foot auto service garage built in 1933, KMO utilized its creative talents to transform the building into a dazzling corporate office space. The project became the first private re-investment in downtown Tulsa in over a decade. The re-investment sparked such demand in the area, that KMO eventually acquired three square blocks, solidifying its determination to lead the effort to reinvigorate the Tulsa CBD.