KMO Development Group, Inc.

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Employee photo - Bruce B.Bruce Bolzle

From the beginning, KMO Principal and Co-founder Bruce Bolzle has been deeply involved in every aspect of KMO’s business. His extensive real estate development experience and architecture background enable him to visualize projects quickly and know their potential for success. "We've developed a unique business model that helps clients build wealth and realize their dreams," he explains. Bruce not only feels a deep responsibility for his customers' success, but for his community as well. His leadership includes the Tulsa City Board of Adjustments, Oklahoma Governmental Affairs Chairman for I.C.S.C. and the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee. Bruce is a 1972 honors graduate of Rice University School of Architecture.

Employee photo - GregGreg Owens

As Principal and Co-founder of KMO, Greg Owens doesn't see himself in the real estate development business.  "We're in the service business — and we're here to deliver results," he explains. Greg brings his passion for his clients' success to every project, with a focus on developing long-term relationships. In all he does, he takes his clients' trust very seriously. Greg employs his business, financial and management experience spanning more than 25 years to guide his clients through the multi-faceted dimensions of real estate development. His career is best distinguished by the growth of KMO's clients, whose impact can be seen coast to coast. Greg graduated with honors from Texas A&M University School of Business Administration in 1982.